We have long understood the need to mitigate the risks associated with our business to protect our clients and partners. Such risks include financial and market risks, such as the availability of supply and demand changes as well as governmental participation in the geo-political eco-system. Our internal policies and procedures are continually analyzed and updated to ensure the highest level of risk mitigation, as it applies to risks involving logistics, fraud, scarcity, banking, regulation, geopolitics and politics. Our compliance standards are rigorous and without shortcuts.

We participate in a highly regulated environment and our company is directly impacted by changes to those regulations, such as international sanctions and changes within the banking system or market requirements. Accordingly, our compliance team deploys and maintains strict requirements to our people and our corporate process. No event or action is undertaken without approval from the compliance department and our people are continually briefed and provided with new information necessary to achieve the highest level of protection for our clients and partners. Our company strives to be a first mover. We continually study and improve our internal processes, contract language and compliance requirements on a global and local jurisdictional basis to ensure adherence to the strictest standards, laws, and regulations that impact our business