The KT group Company is a global energy Raw Material, Oil & Gas Products Trader Company. It is established in Iran and United Kingdom by an expertise and experienced team and with the aim of cater to the ever increasing market demands in its arena. We are proud that our work is specialized and one of the advantages of KT group company is that it only takes on a limited number of assignments at any one time, to ensure that clients receive hands-on, comprehensive attention. With a dedicated team of experienced indutry professionals, KT group Company can provide all the contacts and resources to ensure a client’s success. We use advanced technologies and take an innovative approach to help build a sustainable energy future

With its impressive track record in managing Projects, KT group 70 has provenits strengths as contractor and supplier making maximum use of domestic res ources and capabilities of local contractors specifically in terms of local job creation and employment of domestic experts. Continuing on its development path, the company is currently in the process of transforming into an independent oil company; exploring, developing, operating and acquiring energy resources worldwide.