Chairman of the Board

Mr Hamid Reza Robati

The client is king and if you are the real king, we will support you in terms of quality and quantity, delivery time and all business related affairs. The real king is one who has enough knowledge about market and has good banking facilities and the financial ability to start and support the business, if so we can define a good and successful business route with each other which will generate enough profit for both companies

managing director

Dr Mojtaba Beigi

With the grace of God, we are honored to serve the human society and we are happy to do business with you


KT group is an extension to our very active and successful company called KT group registered in 2006 and began its production of bitumen in different grades and by late 2006 the company reach the production of 150,000 Mt of grade A quality bitumen. By mid 2007 the company became the member of Iran Mercantile Market (IME, and joined the limited number of companies working in IME. Over the years the company has done a successful annual turn over and it has reached over 80 million USD of export in bitumen products per year. The company is now planning to open its 2nd production plant in order to increase its production and to be able to supply more products directly to end clients around the world. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship between our company.

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